back in pandemic times…. yeah, i know… go with it, pretend it’s over….

back in pandemic times, i asked some of my friends to record videos with me talking about interesting things related to CX. i was trying to capture good content to share via the newsletter (see more on that here) and elucidate on great topics from a different perspective.

since i had no idea or plan to what i was doing, i called the series I Don’t Know What I Am Doing, With Friends (IDKWIADWF).

a few of those videos were used as part of In A CX Minute and published in YT – but the publication lacked details, other than the name of the person, and it was very hard to find. thus, i bring you a listing of the video that made up that series (below) including brief descriptions of what they contain.

these are raw video feeds, i never edited the videos anyways, so please excuse the blunders… we tried to make these “official” via SAP intro / outro, etc. but it became too much of a chore.

this video channel has been / will be replaced (depending on when you are reading this) with the linked-in live channel that i am planning / working on bringing up / doing now (again, time depending on when you are reading this).

Miscellaneous Other Videos