Know Me

I am a Customer Strategist

What does that mean?  If you want to plan your customer initiatives (CRM, SCRM, Social Business, CEM, CX or any other combination of letters that has Customer in it) I am your guy.  I provide advice to organizations of all sizes on how to approach their customer initiatives to succeed.  I have over twenty years of experience working with Customers across all areas.  Marketing. Sales. Customer Service. Operations. Help Desks. Call Centers. Contact Centers. And others that I am probably forgetting.  If it has to do with Customers, I have both done it hands on and advice clients on how to do it well.

I am a Thinker and Researcher

I focus on strategies to make Customer initiatives successful.  I am constantly talking to customers, vendors, and consultants, researching the market for new trends, reading and studying new trends and ideas.  I process all the information and leverage the time I spent at Gartner to create great materials.  A lot of it is used in summary form in this blog.  The rest is packaged and produced as e-books and research documents.  All of it goes into helping me create better presentations, help customers through consulting – and get better.

I am a Speaker

I have presented in over 15 countries, keynoted and presented at hundreds of conferences and events, and done webinars and podcasts through the last fifteen years.  I have done tours of 12 cities in 15 days, and seminar series that lasted for months.  I have created presentations for virtual conferences and summits, and recorded video and audio for almost any occasion.  My scores and feedback have always been great, and people like my energy, humor, and dynamic insights.

I am a Consultant

Everything I learned, and continue to learn, goes into consulting.  I have methodologies for all aspects of work – but they are simple starting points to customizing the work my clients need.  I don’t believe in long consulting engagements, most of my work is done within three or four months.  I have done simple engagements that lasted two or three days, and have done six-months detailed evaluations.  However, I believe in a pragmatical approach to consulting that leverages all research (mine and others) and methodologies (mine and others) into creating the ideal solution for my clients.  No two of my projects will look the same – but they will all have the same satisfaction guarantee attached to them.  I do only what works, and make sure it is what my clients need.

My Philosophy

I believe that research has become a commodity; what I can discover in a research  project can be found somewhere in the Internet.  The value in research these days is no longer in the discovery, as it used to be, and having access to the information – the Internet took care of that.  The analysis, the experience applied to understanding the issues and the solutions are the value I provide.  I have participated in more projects in many different roles than most people — collecting lessons learned and best practices along the way.  My research is not simply a regurgitation of statistics and facts – it is a deep analysis of what the data means and how you can apply it to your specific case, while leveraging my experience to provide a pragmatical view of what works and what doesn’t.