Hire Me

Yes, we can work together.  Three things you need to know before going further:

  1. Eighty percent of the work I do is with vendors; user work is not consulting work
  2. I work in an advisory model – that means I don’t spend long time in any one project; I deliver very-high value experience in a very short time
  3. I am a strategic resource to be leveraged when you need advise, not to select a vendor, negotiate a license contract, or help deploy a product

What can I do for you?

If you are a vendor,

  • Need a new message or story to tell? I specialize in finding your story, the key points and differentiators, and telling you how to tell it.  In as little as one or two days we can find a new motto or long-term vision for your product, new markets and new possibilities, and a new story to tell in those places.
  • Have an idea for marketing but need research to make it happen? Let’s talk, a fair amount of  research I do these days happens under the auspices of vendors, resulting products are very different from each other – but they all hit the main points.
  • Need a new Go To Market strategy? Want someone to discuss your current one? Looking for Lead Generation ideas? Let’s talk; I have done plenty of those and am more than happy to help you with a different perspective on what is it you can do.
  • Looking for a different white paper? Yes, I won’t just regurgitate what has already been said — everything I write is original, taking a different spin or angle on the story, with plenty of research and links behind them.
  • Need Content? I cannot say this is what I set out to do, but I do write-on-assignment by topic, market, or area of interest.  Why, there are lots of blogs and newsletters out there that have my writing style on them — did you notice any?
  • User Group or Conference coming up, short on ideas or pitches? Let’s talk, we can work something out that you can present or I can present for you — making sure to include lots of research, best practices, case studies, and all the goodies that people like to see in presentations
  • Want do do a briefing? Talk about the market overall? Or run some crazy idea by me really quick? No charge, of course, send me an email.

If you are a brand, company, organization, or anything that is not a vendor,

  • Are you trying to figure out the strategy you need to develop or implement? My consulting acumen   and high-value advisory model can get you the input you need, including best practices, tools and methods, and the ability to add a different perspective to your team.  You will finish with a complete strategy and the plans for your next steps mapped out.
  • Do you need your people to understand CRM, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Feedback, Social CRM, or Social Business (or a combination)? I do workshops, seminars, presentations, and other working sessions.  We spend time going through the”theory” and then do exercises on on how to apply it. You finish with the first steps towards your strategic plans completed.  Time and content vary with your needs.
  • Have an event or coming up and need someone to present? We can work together in putting the best message forward — and even make it entertaining.  Sorry, I am no longer doing stand-up comedy — but can always try if you need it.
  • Need to talk to someone about the crazy worlds of CRM, Customer Experience, Social anything? No charge, simply schedule some time on my calendar using the Tungle widget to your right, or email me.
  • Need to choose the best vendor for your project? Sorry – that is not me, but I can recommend someone – I am sure.

Of course, if your need is not reflected in the above options but is related to Customer Service, Customer Experience, Feedback, CRM, Social CRM, Social Business — or something close to it, send me an email.

Hope that answered the question of what I can do for you and your organization — if not, well… you know the drill.