Written Content

in the two years since i shut down Thinkjar, the blog! i have done some writing – actually, quite a bit of it…. and it was in different places.

i tried different models, trying to find a better one that having my blog and writing there. the sections below have the sites, the links, and the description of that stuff…


The Future of Engagement and Experience is a fantastic online site the is sponsored by SAP, but ran independently by the amazing, talented, and incredibly hard-working professional Jenn VanZende and her team. Growing to little over a million views in the last few months, it is a great place to find CX and CRM content from thought leaders and articles to interpret it.

I wrote the following in there.

In a CX Minute

In a CX Minute was an experiment i ran in 2021 to see how to engage better with the audience (together with I Don’t Know What I Am Doing, With Friends).

the experiment was to show how “anything can happen in a CX minute” (from the song, not from reality) and share a weekly newsletter to showcase research, content, and ideas i was exploring at the time, as well as quick views of the work i was doing in “narrative central” as i worked through the GTM message and positioning for SAP CX.

the experiment lasted xx episodes, and you can find them here – or below with details on what topics were covered in each newsletter.


i write articles in L-I when i have something to say, but no other outlet (and the 2000 characters you are allowed to use as a post in L-I is too small). i expect to use this blog for that purpose and L-I for “distribution” of these posts in the future.

i wrote the following posts in there


another failed experiment – in this case the wrong audience and the wrong engagement…

i tried to write a few articles that were “higher level” and more complex about CX, it did not work well. failed to get the right people to read it, and the community around it never was there. lesson learned, find the best medium for your message and audience… ZDNet, through not fault of their own as they do a great job otherwise, was not it.

i wrote the following two very interesting, but not very well read (maybe more now?) articles.