it’s here, it’s here — i am finally someone….

well, five months later — i finally get to launch this blog.

will start writing more often now that i have a place to put it all, everything in here will be related to my search for the meaning of modern day…

there will be links to reports, studies, research, etc. (like i used to do in the CX minute newsletter)

there will be ruminations and lessons learned from Narrative HQ ™

there will be “thought leadership” posts (these will be also posted elsewhere in the web, since it is the largest part of what i am doing right now)

and there will be more videos and more “stuff” as it happens.

if you are looking for a place to get tour modern-day CX fix — you have come to the right place…

bookmark, RSS, subscribe, whatever works best.

see you with more soon…. starting now.

(thanks for the patience)