tibbr 3.0: the missing screenshots

Apparently my prose lost a lot in the last few months of scant writing in this journal, as I saw this tweet earlier from the esteemed Stowie Boyd (in reference to my earlier post):

In deference to his, gentle yet firm, request for screenshots – find below the screenshots that TIBCO gave me to share, but I thought I could do without… sigh, aging and writing apparently don’t go well together…

Voice in tibbr 3.0
Voice Widget in Activity Stream
VideoConference inside tibbr 3.0
Exploring Sharepoint withi tibbr

There was one more item about tibbr 3.0 that I failed to note earlier in my post, and that is the availability of Smatwidgets – essentially a piece of code from another web-based application that is inserted into tibbr.  In this, as before, I saw a far better implementation from SimplyBox (disclaimer: not a client, but good friends there – still, an excellent product) – but I do like the way that TIBCO is thinking here.  The direction is certainly the right one for the integration story they want to tell.  Here is the screenshot, least I be yelled at again…

Using an Oracle Smartwidget

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