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more than likely you don’t remember this… short time ago i wrote a very short post on linked-in (the only social network where i remain, as y’all know… and you should copy me on that…)

the short post was two sentences (pic and link below)

linked-in engagement of a simple two phrases, well – three.

i could not believe that in the same week that i wrote a detailed, well thought-out, great, amazing, sensational post that explained very well what the world of CX was experiencing i got more “engagement” from these two sentences that the other post.

unbelievable — right? right?

well then, i took it to my advisors to figure out what i was missing and between the excellent Brent Leary and Amazing Alan Berkson the decision was made….

SO MUCH TO SAY had to be the name of my new online presence.

had to.

and so — it is.

this is the short article that explains why i am doing this. use the menu on top to find the different links and other content (blog posts? yep, right there; videos, you say? for sure… podcasts? why not! linked-in live archives? you bet, as soon as i figure that out… looking for the old thinkjar content? follow the link to the archive)

the need for a new “digital” home

first, digital is not what you think it is.

definition of digital… spoiler: not online.

it means related to data, not online – but we use it for online… so, will adapt to idiosyncrasy that is beyond my understanding… sigh.

second, since thinkjar shutdown (when i came to SAP) i have been trying to find the best model for sharing ideas and writings and such. i tried a ZDNet column, a FCEE newsletter, even linked-in articles — but none of them gave me the freedom and model i was looking for. i even tried a video channel – which, BTW, has some amazing content – and could not really make it work.

it needed something else.

thus, this.

everything else i did is in archive mode in the respective pages, feel free to go find it and peruse – and will refer to it from time to time, but this new “digital” (does not mean online) house is what i needed.

better control of content, distribution, topics, etc. this is what i will use to forge the next few years of CX thinking. at least i hope so.

Let’s get started, blogs are going to go first.

Stay tuned!