Missed something I wrote, did, presented, recorded – or overall just want to see a sample of my works?

Look no further…

White Papers and Position Papers

Customer Service Trends Study (KANA, Ciboodle)

Customer Experience Study 2012 (Attensity)

Defining a Pure, Open Cloud (SugarCRM, posted 12/2012)

Blog Series + eBooks

Knowledge Management in 2015+ (Parature, 2014 KM Sponsored Research Agenda)

Social Knowledge (Moxie, 2012 KM Sponsored Research Agenda)

Knowledge Management Thought Leadership Writings (Stone Cobra. 2012 KM Sponsored Research Agenda)

Tactical Solution in Knowledge Management (Coveo, 2012 KM Sponsored Research Agenda)


The Chief Digital Officer – The CMO and CIO Journey in Digital Transformation (with Ray Wang, Part 2)  (Social Business Forum, posted 08/2014, hosted at Vimeo)

The State of the Modern Call Center (Bright Pattern, hosted at BP, registration required, posted 01/2014)

Conversaciones de CRM Site (Spanish language site, conversations on various CRM Topics with Jesus Hoyos, monthly-ish)

Mobility in Customer Service Presentation at DreamForce 2013 (SalesForce, hosted at Youtube, posted 12/2013)

Customer Service  (KANA, hosted at Vimeo, posted 10/2013)

From CMO and CIO to CDO (with Ray Wang) (Social Business Forum, posted 08/2013, hosted at Vimeo)

Social, Connected, and Collaborative – The Future of Business (Social Business Forum, posted 08/2012, hosted at Vimeo)


Most of my presentations can be found on SlideShare.  If you don’t see it there, please let me know and I will upload it.

notes and disclaimers and such: this is a work in progress, will continue to add links over time; where the content was sponsored by a client, the client name is provided in parenthesis; traditionally sponsored work is hosted at client’s blog or web site; this is nothing more than a small representation of work, what I remember to add.