Article: A Deeper Explanation of Neural Networks (Easy to Understand, Though)

Title: Comment on a Medium Article Source: Surfin’ Link: My Perspective: Back in the 1980s I took a couple of classes in neural networks.  It was, at the time, the logical continuation of my interest in AI: we had little […]

Article: Memory is the Barrier Between Computers and Humans

Title: Understanding the Four Types of #AI Source: Twitter, via Vala Afshar Link: We need to do more than teach machines to learn. We need to overcome the boundaries that define the four different types of artificial intelligence, the barriers […]

The Research Agenda for thinkJar in 2017 is Public

Over the last week or so I published the many pieces of the thinkJar 2017 Research Agenda. Here are the five parts: Customer Service Usage and Adoption – Data Use in the Enterprise – Artificial Intelligence in the […]